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[ cr: 俊の米酱 ]

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Ikr, they were pretty much on all the Asian broadcasting channels. This really is such a big deal, just look at how big yoochun’s smile was — he couldn’t even stop. Words really can’t describe how their fans felt yesterday. …and f u sm.

He was literally shining, they were shining, everything was perfect :D

I think that “FUK U SM” has become our fandom motto lol…bc the moment I saw them on tv (well yt, damn you my country why r u not in Asia) the first thing that came in my mind was FUK U SM….and the fact that it was broadcaster all over Asia made it even better (….a festival that unites the 4.5 billion Asians ….) mybe not all watched the festivity but yeahh it was a big deal

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Usually an actor doesn’t have a fanbase that votes like this. I didn’t see his perf so not sure what he did to get such a strong support of votes. :(

well he walked across the stage and wave to the audience, maybe he did it better than the queen of England and that deserves recognition :)))))

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Don’t even remember anyone mentioning him and the IAG. Jyj were appointed ambassadors so fans were pissed as they weren’t even in one of the press conferences. (they had exo members instead).

It feels great when SM doesn’t get what he wants… JYJ was on TV and their name was on everyone’s lips …tell me again - how many billions of people were watching? 

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I have no idea who Kim Soo-Hyun is. I am confused as to why he is even in the poll. Truthfully I expected EXO to be tied with JYJ. Now the question on my mind. Who is Kim Soo-Hyun? What makes him so great?

He’s an actor, he was the lead actor in some really popular dramas so yeahh his fan base became quite big in the last 2 years ….. but i have to admit I also thought that exo would make more noise in this pool

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yvonnelgf213 said: Currently JYJ is 1% above 2nd place. Who is the other artist?

….and they are back to 2nd place TT…. I think is Kim Kim Soo-hyun …..I like him ( he always was the good guy in all his dramas so yeahh ) but seriously he was appointed 2-3 days before IAG pres conference, did he even promote IAG?? or he was appointed just to calm some spirits down, bc jyj fans were going all “fuck you IAG” on the official fb page

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Anonymous said: Oh no it wasn't a post on itself! It was actually a reply to someone's post and I guess it would be a meme (?????). Thanks! Is that ok? Aaaaggghhhhh so ignorant it hurts!

yep that’s a meme…. I appreciate that you asked what it’s ok and what isn’t, and don’t worry we were all like this at first ^^

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Credit: inheaven_wJYJ

GUYS, it’s VERY important that JYJ win this poll! They’re currently 2nd! We can’t have this. It’s their first TV appearance in years! Let’s show them how much seeing JYJ on TV was anticipated and appreciated! PLEASE, vote for JYJ as if your life depended on it. Thanks!! :D

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JYJ ~ ‘Empty’ (2014 Incheon Asian Games)
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Yoochun at Incheon asian games
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Anonymous said: Hello there. I used one of your gifs. In the tags i put "gif credit: jyj6002". Is that it? Should I add anything more? Should have I asked you first? Is my fisrt time using someone else's gif so I am clueless! Educate this poor bastard. Thanks. Have a nice day.

hi …well if you used my gif as a meme or in something like this I don’t mind and you don’t need to ask (most of my gifs have my name on them)…but if you posted a gif/gifset on its own…. pffff how to say this as a new photo post (reposting my work) then i’m not okay with it and I would kindly ask you to delete the post and reblog the original

ps: as a fun fact I still remember my first reposter’s url… she reposted this X and even if the gif is ugly it’s my preciousssssss … she had no right to take it TT…….sooo yeah I have good memory, don’t repost my stuff

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